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Magento services

Magento is a variety of powerful systems and tools for e-commerce website development


  1. 1. Magento web site creation

    Magento web site creation image

    Have you ever imagined our modern life without online commerce? Hardly! It seems that every present-day brand has its online commercial store. Life has become rapidly fast and the ability to make an online order makes it much easier. If you haven't thought about creating your online website store yet, now is the time. How to create a successful Magento website for your loyal audience; implement the right functionality to receive a positive user experience? We will tell you about 6 easy-to-use steps in this article, and you will know - how the Magento website will be able to push your business ideas into reality. Go ahead!

    1. Step 1. Create a unique domain name

      How to start brand awareness? Of course, with its name. At first glance, creating a unique domain name is quite simple. But here you will encounter many pitfalls. However, there are already different names of millions on the market: they are bright, colorful, and memorable. How to stand out from this crowd and make your brand name an effective marketing tool? We suggest making up a short, simple name with a memorable effect. A well-chosen name will provide the effectiveness of your site for quick recognition and allow you to create an identical contact email for communication.

    2. Step 2. Install Magento and run it on your server

      To start working on launching your online e-commercial store, download the Magento installation package and upload all the necessary files to the server.

    3. Step 3. Choose a Magento template

      Magento provides the business owner with a wide range of functional templates. You choose it according to the style of your future online Magento website.

    4. Step 4. Customize the design and choose the color scheme

      We are sure that you have chosen the design and color composition for your online store in advance. Our advice is to make your commercial website with maximum functional simplicity. This does not mean that some features should be absent. This is a great way to create a positive user experience without the hassle and unnecessary detailed study. Of course, embed your branded color and style into your website.

    5. Step 5. The direct transfer of the store and import of product

      The simplest step may involve some difficulties. For example, for your potential buyer visual experience. Product characteristics, pictures, and captions should look comfortable, informative, and not force loyal customers to perform complex actions. It can be repulsive. We would advise you to entrust this matter to experienced designers together with a frontend developer to achieve a perfect blend.

    6. Step 6. Charge the store settings

      You can set up your store manually. You select the appropriate format for your Magento website and start working.

Plan something new with Magento?

  1. 2. Magento 1 > Magento 2 migration

    Magento 1 > Magento 2 migration image

    In 2015, Magento made a real upgrade and transformed into Magento 2. What functional differences occurred during the migration to improve this E-commerce platform? Magento 2 changed the architecture and increased the speed. Also, the “second edition” has support for PHP 7 and saves the default cache. The upgrading is more than powerful, isn’t it?

    The creation of a convenient ordering function improved indexers, and database optimization has made Magento 2 the best choice for creating your commercial online website. But in June 2020, Magento completely stopped supporting its first-born Magento 1. Therefore, if you are still using Magento 1 for your business, migration to Magento 2 is more than necessary.

    How do make the migration process as convenient as possible for you? The company has developed official documentation for a painless transition for your online store. This process should be divided into four stages:

    1.Theme Migration
    2. Extension Migration
    3. Customizations Migration
    4. Data Migration

    We recommend that you start planning for the migration right now. However, do not assume that this process will be easy to do by yourself. This process without strategic planning can ruin the functionality of your online store. If you are ready to take full responsibility for this transition process and take into account all the risks, then go for it. However, it is worth thinking about highly qualified specialists who will make this process without pitfalls. To maintain and improve the functionality of your store, the next step should be testing Magento 2.

  2. 3. Magento 2 page speed optimization

    Magento 2 page speed optimization image

    Performance optimization is a key factor that Magento Store 2 offers. Your customers will become loyal if your store brings them a positive user experience. If your site causes customers to waste a lot of time for loading, your potential audience is rapidly gone.

    Quick access to the required content creates progressive conversion growth. By creating easy ongoing access to your site's resources, you produce a business-pushing approach, and optimize your revenue becomes easier.

    All conditions are created for your high-speed optimization: performance-optimizing technologies such as Varnish, Redis, Nginx, and even full page caching solution. Using these tools, developers increase the flexibility level to stable the work process of each component.

    As a result, you will get the most favorable interface in the perfect combination of server time response and browser rendering. Your customers will appreciate the new features of your website and the service quality.

  3. 4. Magento troubleshooting & technical support

    Magento troubleshooting & technical support image

    Like every system, your Magento 2 website needs to be checked. Even if the system is running smoothly, update or extension errors may sometimes happen. What’s more - if the speed website has fallen, you should immediately look for a proven complex solution.

    • What can we do for you?

      We find out all Magento errors and solve advanced troubleshooting with high-quality experts:

    • Search and fix Magento errors

      At the very beginning, something may go wrong and the launching site is in trouble. We are searching for problems in your site operation system if the speed has decreased. We are doing everything to ensure that your website speed will be stable high in the future.

    • Recovery after hacking

      If your website is hacked, this is not a reason to fall into stress. We will help you return the site and set up the security system.

    • Correction of themes and templates

      The visual effects of your Magento website are crucial. We help you set up themes and templates if your website is working with errors.

    • Questions with the extension

      We fix all bugs in Magento modules, plugins, and extensions. Besides, we provide the ability to fix errors in third-party extensions of the system.

    • How we work:

      Send us a request and our representative will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the problems you have. We answer the questions of how to solve all problems and achieve the best result for both parties. Our Magento experts will request access to your Magento backend, Git, SSH, and Google analytics account. You mustn’t worry about the security. All data is under strict protection and cannot be transferred to third parties. After that, we will proceed to fix the problems.

  4. 5. Magento integration With Third-Party Services

    Magento integration With Third-Party Services image

    Wondering how to improve the functionality of your Magento website in terms of efficiency? You need to integrate third-party services that are not pre-loaded into the package. This is done to avoid overloading the Magento package and to make more case-by-case features that are essential for business owners. The Market offers thousands of services vital to your websites, such as payment systems, SMS gateways, shipping methods, APIs, and much more.

    However, only an experienced company such as Terenbro will be able to implement these actions without lag, so that your website works like a Swiss watch. Our team has developed a third-party Magento integration service to enable business owners to provide a seamless full cycle of purchases for their customers. Advanced experts will help you to smoothly conduct the integration process while saving your financial and time resources. If you have any problems with automation or the process seems too complicated, we can easily fix this situation. Terenbro is on guard of manageable and easy-to-use business processes!

  5. 6. Magento custom web design

    Magento custom web design image

    There are lots of extensions for the Magento website, but they are all outdated, not attractive, and slow, which creates a negative customer impression. If you want to get an attractive Magento website with individual integrated solutions and best-proven solutions, you should contact the cooperation company. As a result, you will get a modern website with a unique design, the best custom graphics, and all kinds of features that will fully meet your customers’ needs.

    An attractive website is always in demand. Your customized website will have a wide range of features to push your business strategy forward. It is safe to say that a Magento website with a full set of necessary settings and functionality is the key to success. Therefore, you should not wait for better times! Now it’s a great option to implement your ideas with a reliable partner company that is ready to solve all your each-part-process problems. We are working to create UI masterpiece design development and complex web development to receive amazing results.

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