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Angular has come a long way since its introduction in 2010. This Google-supported framework made a revolution in the front end, building a perfect mix of development time and web performance.


What is Angular?

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Angular is a powerful software engineering platform used for creating dynamic web applications. The extensive capabilities make it one of the best tools for rapid development of multifunctional, complicated and highly loaded apps.

Forbes, PayPal, WhatsApp, BMW, Xbox, Grid Dynamics, Sitecore, Netcracker, MTS and the well-known Google use Angular in their frontend development.

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Why should businesses use Angular?

It is a first choice for enterprise applications when it is necessary to release faster. Everything happens due to Angular's well-organized structure, which saves time creating a project and offers improved functionality and smooth user experience to modern businesses.

One of the main Angular advantages is the ability to segregate web-designer and developer work by leveraging HTML templates. This makes it possible to perform web design and implement functionality in parallel, significantly reducing feature development time.

Today there are many frameworks and libraries designed to provide alternative solutions that can help develop any-level product. It solves many problems that companies face when starting their development with JavaScript. As an experienced team, we understand that the success of a project is heavily reliant on the choice of technology stack.

Angular Advantages

  • No matter how long we talk about how cool Angular is for various applications, it's still worth considering the advantages of this framework.
  • Angular follows the MVVM(Model-View-ViewModel) design pattern that helps organize code in a more efficient way, make it easier to maintain and extend your applications, improve the content loading performance.
  • Bidirectional data binding syntax. It synchronizes the data between Model and View. When change in the UI's input occurs, it reflects in the model automatically and vice-versa. Synchronization doesn’t require additional coding, it thus speeds up web development process.
  • Collection of libraries to cover features like routing, form management, PWA. Wide range of functionality to meet any business needs.
  • Best choice for Single Page Application development. SPA works in a browser and doesn’t require page reloads every time a user performs any action on the page.
  • All these qualities make Angular one of the best offers on the market.
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Key Benefits of Using Angular

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    Effective Cross-Platform Development

    The use of Angular helps companies become even closer to all their users and makes it possible to develop cross-platform apps from a single codebase. Developers can easily code and deploy applications once to run them effectively across different operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows. And besides, there are significant budget savings, and no deterioration in performance.

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    Rich Documentation and Strong Support

    Having a strong developers' community and detailed documentation, Angular is one of the most popular frontend frameworks. Since it’s not young, Angular has a large number of followers, and is constantly developing. This implies that companies will not have problems finding documentation. With the help of a strong community, your experts will find answers to any questions during development.

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    Large Library Ecosystem

    Angular doesn’t require integrations with additional tools and third-party libraries - it comes with many features out of the box. Besides, every feature can be modified or replaced to match the development workflow and functional needs. Angular is fully extensible and works well with other compatible libraries.

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    Speed and Performance

    Breaking down an application into modules allows to easily manage an application as it grows and offers seamless performance and smaller loading time.

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    Create scalable web applications due to component-based framework - from single-developer projects to enterprise-level applications. It's no secret that over time, most projects want to scale. By choosing Angular, companies will receive a reliable tech environment ready for expansion, especially useful for corporate projects.

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    Continuous Updates

    Angular is updated every 6 months, offering small changes for each new version and a gradual but confident development of the structure. The upgrade is an opportunity to get even more modern functionality, improve performance and become the best of its kind.

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Impressive Angular Project Insights in 2022


84k stars

on GitHub Angular-based projects are gaining popularity


websites built with Angular


of surveyed professional developers prefer Angular


most demanded language worldwide

3 countries

the USA, United Kingdom and France are leading locations having Angular projects

84k stars

on GitHub Angular-based projects are gaining popularity


websites built with Angular

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