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Java is a great language for your custom solutions. It has been used for over 25 years for medium to complex applications. And this can be useful both for a breakthrough startup and automation of routine business processes.


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    Java, having been on the software market for more than 27 years, can safely be called an old-timer solution with an evergreen potential. Being in the development world for so long, this language never stays apart from the upgrade. With Java, startups and enterprises can receive easy to start and maintain, a rich API, a strong community, cross-platforming and multithreading, so the development process will go smoothly, and the new product will enter the market faster than competitors. Java is chosen by such cool companies as Amazon, LinkedIn, eBay, Yahoo!, IBM, Intel and Oracle. Terenbro has been happy to build products using Java for many years with experienced talents on board who will be able to implement any idea.

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Java Advantages

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    Advanced Security

    Companies don't need to be worried about the security of their project because Java's design is very secure due to its compiler, interpreter, and protected runtime environment.

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    Data Store

    If a company plans to work with an extensive amount of data, Java follows a LIFO (Last in First Out) system helping in storing and retrieving the data. So, a long data retrieving process you can easily avoid.

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    Rich APIs

    Businesses using Java receive rich APIs and a set of commands for database connection, networking, I/O, XML parsing, utilities, and much more. Now, there is no need to spend lots of time and transfer crucial info between the programs at a fast speed.

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    The compiled code of Java is platform-independent, so companies can it on any platform they need. With the bright moto - write once, run anywhere it creates a real boost for business to have their app on any machine.

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    Supports Multithreading

    If you have ever done many things at the same time? It's hard but caves the time, most people think. However, unlike people who get tired of simultaneous actions and feel empty, Java works like clockwork. Java can load its processor to the fullest due to its multithreading, saving programmers time and company money.

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    Faster Time to Market

    Java cooperates with rapid development tools, so your software app can be written using open-source IDES with efficient coding and debugging. It saves development time and is a good option for companies that need to overrun their market competitors.

Angular + Spring Boot Full Stack Arhitecture

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Angular Spring Boot REST API
Example Tutorial

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    Middle-Sized and Enterprise apps

    Due to its flexibility, Java is a perfect tool for middle and large-sized projects that should have high security, easy scalability and fast performance. With the help of Java, businesses can build CRM or ERP solutions for their companies (the fintech industry needs Java with its ultimate security and high performance when processing the data).

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    Mobile Apps

    Java is often used for Android applications because it is easy to learn, provides features like garbage collection and security, and enables developers to build apps faster.

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    AI and IoT solutions

    Java will be a good tool for building robust AI solutions and IoT devices. Companies can make this choice for its capability to process an extensive amount of data and create decision-making analytics, handle challenging tasks and good helper in visualizing the insight from the software.

Why Choose Java for Your Development

Java is a good language for your custom solutions used for medium and complex applications. You can safely choose Java to launch a breakthrough startup and automate routine business processes.

  • Productive and scalable solution for your backend

  • Strong community of programmers with thousands of ready-made solutions open-sourced

  • Cross-platform development ability (including major operating systems like Linux, Windows, and macOS)

  • Great choice for modern companies that want to stay in touch with up-to-date functionality because Java is released every new version six months

  • High-standard security

Why Choose Terenbro as an Outsourcing Java Partner

Terenbro, as an experienced team of professionals, can create a product based only on Java, or we can help using Java with other technologies such as Angular or React for saturated web pages.

Companies that have started creating something complex should not be afraid of challenges because a proven outsourcing vendor is always ready to find a way out of any technical problem for the benefit of its client.

We are ready to provide such services as

  • Creating the Discovery Phase of the product, where we prove that the idea has value

  • Selecting the better and industry-related tech stack and hard-working talents that turn the code into a business-driving project

  • Providing independent QA and bug fixing so that the project is finished on time

  • Optimizing and finding the security gaps in your existing project

  • Maintenance and support of existing solutions

  • Speeding up the project performance using advanced software solutions

  • Finding the bugs from previous cooperation partner

  • Staying in touch with the client in any matter

Impressive Java Project Insights in 2022

  • 30%

    of projects are used Java as a back-end

  • 19%

    of global developers are working with Java

  • #1

    most demanded language worldwide

  • 3 countries

    the USA, China, and Germany are leading locations having Java projects

  • Business 100+

    employees are the best choice for Java software development

Based on, Statista Research

Technologies we use

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Now we propose to use it in conjunction with other technologies (Like Angular or React) for rich web pages. Since Java has moved away from working with data, storing it, and multi-threaded processing.

But on the way to creating something big, you should not be stopped by difficulties. Therefore, our programmers, who have experience in top companies, are ready to help you.

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